If you are interested to join the laboratory, do contact us about opportunities for postdoctoral research, graduate studentships and undergraduate research experience.  We currently have a technician position open


Laboratory technician

A position is available to provide technical support for our research on the molecular biology and physiology of insects. The responsibilities involve maintenance of insect cultures and assistance with the set up and analysis of experiments.  Techniques include the preparation of insect diets, scoring insect numbers and size, DNA and RNA isolation, PCR assays and running gels.  These duties require a capacity to conform to standardized experimental and safety protocols in the laboratory, attention to detail, and accuracy in scoring data.  Proficiency in basic computer programs (Microsoft Word, Excel etc.) is essential. In all aspects, the technician will be supported by detailed supervision provided by a postdoctoral researcher.

This position is available to applicants with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences or equivalent combination of education and experience.

To apply, please contact Angela Douglas at, providing your CV, including details of two referees, and a cover letter that explains your motivation for applying.  To ensure full consideration, all materials should be received by Friday 15th September, 2018.

Graduate Studies

Students with an interest in symbiosis, animal-microbial interactions and metabolism are especially encouraged to contact us.  Applications can be made through the Graduate Field of Entomology Graduate Field of Nutrition, or the Graduate Field of Microbiology, with excellent funding opportunities.
We aim to offer a broad training, providing the opportunity for students to experience independent research and team-working, and enabling them to follow their own research goals.  Specific research skills provided include genomics, molecular and whole-organism physiology, experimental design, and statistics.  We have weekly lab meetings, and students are encouraged to attend regular discussion groups across campus (e.g. Symbiosis Group, Gut Group, Ecology & Evolution of Infection and Disease Group, Plant-Insects Group,… and more) and regular seminars in the Department and across campus.
To discuss opportunities further, do contact us.  The annual deadline for applications to enroll is in December of each year.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Working in a research lab is excellent experience for students intending to enroll into graduate school or take up a career in research.  We regularly have opportunities, especially for students interested in insect-microbial interactions, genomics and in applying bioinformatics tools to biological problems.  Previous experience is not required, but it is essential you are motivated to learn, reliable and have initiative.