Fran and Angela in Kiel, Germany

Fran and Angela participate in the CRC 1182 Junior Researchers Training Workshop held at the University of Kiel, Germany (2-4 May 2009-2024) in collaboration with Dalhousie University, Canada. We thank Tal Dag and Thomas Bosch for organizing the tremendous event, and the many great interactions with colleagues at the workshop.

Endosymbiosis and the evolution of eukaryotic organelles are examples for evolutionary transformations of symbiotic interactions. The evolution of eukaryotic organelles is characterized by an extreme outsourcing of protein expression; most of the proteins required for the organelles function are encoded in the nuclear genome, translated in the cytosol and imported into the organelle. Fundamental milestones in the evolution of eukaryotic organelles thus include the development of protein import machinery and a massive endosymbiotic gene transfer followed by an extreme reduction of the symbiont genome. In this workshop we aim to further our understanding of host-microbe interactions by learning the principles of past endosymbiosis events along the eukaryotic lineage. The workshop brings together experts in the evolutionary history of eukaryotic organelles and young scientists studying the origin and function of metaorganism. The goal of the workshop is to formulate novel research questions on host-microbe interactions suggested by our hindsight examination of endosymbiosis and eukaryotic origins.