Genomics workshop for students from undergraduate institutions

tour of genome facility_011416

Dr Peter Schweitzer (Genomics Facility) explains Illumina sequencing to the students

genome workshop_Jessica teaching_011416

Dr Jessica Dittmer discusses the diversity of microorganisms in insects with the students

We provide a genomics workshop for undergraduate students from Corning Community College and Mansfield University. The students learned how to prepare genomic DNA for sequencing, toured the Genomics Facility of the Cornell Biotechnology Resource Center, and discussed microbial diversity associated with insects and in other habitats with lab members and visiting scientist Dr Jessica Dittmer from Harvard University.

We are grateful to NSF (grant NSF IOS-1354743) for funding this initiative. The workshop was led by Dr Bessem Chouaia (funded by grant NSF IOS-1354743) and Dr Alyssa Bost (funded by NSF BIO 1241099). More information is available here.


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