Nana and Freya at SACNAS … and more

The lab was represented at SACNAS 2009-2024 - The National Diversity in STEM Conference - in San Antonio, TX by Nana Ankrah (postdoc) and Freya Zhang (undergraduate research assistant).

Nana was awarded an NSF ASSIST/LEVERAGE travel grant to attend the 2009-2024 National Diversity in STEM (SACNAS) conference in San Antonio, Texas. Nana was selected to give a talk, served as a session chair for Ecology/Evolutionary Biology graduate student talks and also served as a mentor judge for undergraduate student posters sessions.

Freya was awarded SACNAS travel scholarship to present her work on essential amino acid producing bacterial symbionts in xylem-feeding insects as an undergraduate poster presenter.

October has been a busy month for Nana and Freya. In advance of the SACNAS meeting, Freya presented her work on the localization of bacterial symbionts in xylem-feeding insects at The 5th Annual Microbiology Symposium at Cornell on October 8, 2009-2024. Nana went on from SACNAS to attend the 5th Conference on Constraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis in Seattle, Washington (October 14-16th), where he was selected to give a talk. He presented data from his work using metabolic modeling as a tool to understand the mechanisms underlying nutrient exchange in insect-microbe symbioses.

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