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The Lab goes to the Annual ESA Meeting

Four lab members contribute at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America.

Tuesday 18th was a busy day. Xiangfeng presents his research on Evolution of Osmoregulation Genes in Phloem-Feeding Insects. Junbo has his invited presentation on Mechanisms underlying Plant-Mediated Whitefly-Begomovirus Interactions in the session on Roles of Biotic Interactions in Invasion Biology. Seung-Ho presents his research on Insect Symbionts Manipulate Plant Defenses as an invited talk in the Program Symposium Unraveling the Novel Complexity of Insect-Plant Interactions.

On Sunday afternoon, Angela participated in the Program Symposium on the Futures of Insect Genomics, co-organized with Kristin Michel and David O’Brochta. We thank ESA and the NSF-RCN on Insect Genetic Technologies for financial support, and our eight speakers:

  • Robert DeSalle (American Museum of Natural History) 20/20 vision and insect genomics
  • Brian Faircloth (University of California) Are conserved elements a universal source of genomic information in insects?
  • Robert Waterhouse (MIT) Harnessing multiple Anopheles genomes to explore the full complement of genomic elements in disease-vector mosquitoes
  • Dave O’Brochta (University of Maryland) Genomic applications in mosquitoes
  • Cassandra Extavour (Harvard University) How insect genomes can accelerate research in evolutionary developmental biology
  • Alan Bergland (Stanford University) Population genomics reveal rapid seasonal adaptation in Drosophila
  • John Chaston (Brigham Young University) Genome-wide associations with phenotype to identify functional determinants of insect-microbe interactions
  • Conor McMeniman (Rockefeller University) Decoding mosquito chemosensation using genome editing
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