Welcome to summer undergraduate research students

Three Cornell undergraduate students join the laboratory for the research experience this summer vacation. We thank NSF and the Frank L. and Lynett Douglas Fund for financial support.

Albasi_Alice-webAlice Albasi: ” I am an undergraduate student majoring in Mathematics and Statistical Science. I am interested in biostatistics and, in particular, in modeling biological phenomena. In the lab I process data and help other researchers run statistical analyses.” Alice is funded by NSF Dimensions of Diversity Grant BIO 1241099, and is working with postdoctoral researcher Alyssa Bost.

Samuel-Hernandez-Photo-webSam Hernandez: “After an extended interlude away from academia, I am thrilled to be studying the interactions between drosopholid hosts with their microbial gut inhabitants. I am a fourth year undergraduate in the biological sciences with a concentration in biochemistry. I began working in the Douglas Lab in June of 2015 with the support of the Frank L. and Lynett Douglas Fund for Underrepresented Minority Undergraduate Research. After graduation I will apply my background in biochemistry and my laboratory experience with host/microbiota interactions towards the practice and research of tropical medicine and public health.” Sam is contributing to our project funded by the NSF NSF Dimensions of Diversity Program, and is working with postdoctoral researcher Alyssa Bost.

Zhang_RosaRosa Zhang: “I’m an undergraduate majoring in Chemical Engineering and I joined the Douglas Lab in March 2015. I’m working on reconstructing the metabolic networks of various bacterial symbionts, and running flux balance analyses on those reactions to determine the optimum combination to produce biomass.” Rosa is funded by NSF grant IOS-1354743, and is working with postdoctoral researcher Bessem Chouaia.

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