Bessem Chouaia

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: bc335 [at]

I am a microbial ecologist with a focus on interactions between bacteria and arthropods. My research focuses on investigating metabolic pathways shared between insects and intracellular bacteria, and the mechanisms by which they are regulated, using metagenomics and metatranscriptomics tools.

My research activity has covered several areas, including:

  • Ecology and biotechnology of symbiosis in disease insect vectors and pests for development of ‘Symbiotic Control’ approaches using models: i) The palm pest Rhynchophorus ferrugineus; ii) Anopheles mosquitoes vectors of malaria; iii) Honeybees and the control of the American foulbrood disease
  • Role of secondary symbionts in arthropods with a focus on acetic acid bacteria associated with insects mosquitoes
  • Microbial biodiversity and system functioning in extreme environments (e.g., arid ecosystems) combining genomics and functional studies.