Yuan Luo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Luo_YuanEmail: yl548 [at] cornell.edu

I have worked with Angela Douglas since October 2013. During the first year, I investigated the interactions between host and their gut bacteria. I used Drosophila melanogaster as model to research how the host affects the bacterial composition and abundance in the insect gut and in the food.

In October 2014, I transferred to a project on plant-mediated RNAi in whitefly, funded by the Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future. The goal is to reveal the underlying mechanism(s) of plant-mediated RNAi in insects and develop strategies to improve the efficiency of plant-mediated RNAi against whitefly genes.

I received my PhD (Molecular Ecology, 2012) from the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences for work performed in Dr. Le Kang’s lab, where I studied how the migratory locust responds to RNA interference induced by different dsRNA delivery methods and also explored the role of dsRNA transporter gene ‘SID-1’(a member of Systemic RNA Interference Deficiency) in the systemic RNAi of locusts. I received my B.S (Agriculture, 2007) from Yangtze University, China. A pdf of my cv is available here.


Luo Y, Wang XH, Yu D, Kang L. The SID-1 double-stranded RNA transporter is not required for systemic RNAi in the migratory locust. RNA Biology. 2012, 9: 663-671.
Luo Y, Wang XH, Wang XS, Yu D, Chen B, Kang L. Differential responses of migratory locusts to systemic RNA interference via double-stranded RNA injection and feeding. Insect molecular biology. 2013,22(5): 574-583.
Xianhui Wang, Xiaodong Fang, Pengcheng Yang, Xuanting Jiang, Feng Jiang, Dejian Zhao, Bolei Li, Feng Cui, Jianing Wei, Chuan Ma, Yundan Wang, Jing He, Yuan Luo, Zhifeng Wang, Xiaojiao Guo, Wei Guo, Xuesong Wang, Yi Zhang, Meiling Yang, Shuguang Hao et al. The locust genome provides insight into swarm formation and long-distance flight. Nature Communications. 2014, 5:2957