If you are interested in our research area and joining us, do contact us

Postdoctoral Opportunities 

We currently have no postdoctoral positions open.

Graduate Studies

For graduate studies, do contact us with your interests.  Please attach your CV and details of two referees to your message.  Information on the formal application procedure is available at the Field of Entomology.  The annual deadline for applications to enroll in the fall of each year is early December of the previous year (the exact date varies across years and is available from the Graduate Student Office).

Undergraduate Opportunities 

Working in a research lab is excellent experience for students intending to enroll into graduate school or take up a career in research.  We regularly have opportunities for students interested in how insects work or in applying bioinformatics tools to study functional genomics of insects.  Previous experience is not required, but it is essential you are motivated to learn, reliable and have initiative.