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EEID Conference and Workshop 2-9 June 2010

2-8 June 2010   We participate in the EEID 2010 Conference and Workshop at Cornell

Welcome to Margot and Maddy - our 2010 undergraduate summer interns

1 June 2010   Maddy Sivakumar, SIPTI Summer Intern, and Margot Kopache join the lab to conduct full-time research over the summer

Marie-Line Faure joins the lab

24 May 2010   Welcome to Marie-Line, who joins the lab today

Diptera Day

23 March 2010   Diptera Day, a one-day meeting organized by Angela and Brian Lazzaro, with support from The Sarkaria Institute of Insect Physiology and Toxicology

Congratulations to Sophie!

26 February 2024 Sophie has been awarded the PhD degree

The pea aphid genome sequence is published

23 February 2010   Angela, John, Sandy, Calum and Eric contributed to the international collaboration of aphid biologists and genome scientists who have sequenced and annotated the genome of the pea aphid

Congratulations to Jin!

15 December 2009   Jin has been awarded a place at Dental School

2009 Patton Lecture

26 October 2009  The annual Patton lecture was given by Professor Bruno Lemaitre, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Cooperation: Self Interest and Mutual Interest

16 October 2023 Meeting of the SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines on Cooperation: Self-Interest and Mutual Interest is held at Cornell University

Insectapalooza 2009

3 October 2009   We contribute to the annual departmental outreach event of The Department of Entomology, celebrating the wonders of insects and other arthropods

New Lab Members

17 August 2009  Welcome to John Ramsey and Eric van Fleet who join the lab today

Sixth International Symbiosis Congress

9-15 August  Angela, Calum and Adam attend the 6th ISS Congress at Madison, Wisconsin

Announcement of Meeting on Cooperation for 16th October 2009

3 August 2009  Announcement of Meeting of the SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines on Cooperation: Self-Interest and Mutual Interest

Welcome to Stephanie and Good-Bye to Tomas

1 August 2009  All chanage with our Lab Manager

What would you tell Darwin?

28 June 2009  Angela is invited to speak at the cross-disciplinary symposium on Evolution at SEB-Glasgow

Pea Aphid Genome Annotation Workshop

4-6 June 2009. Angela participates in the Genome Workshop and the satellite meeting of the METNET consortium, both at Barcelona, Spain

Publication: Salivary proteins of aphids identified by mass spectrometry

5 May 2009  Proteins in the saliva secreted by aphids identified by mass spectrometry, in a collaborative study with Jim Carolan, Tom Wilkinson and Carol Fitzroy at University College Dublin and Peter Ashton at University of York, UK.

Celebrating Adam's birthday

11 April 2009   A picnic to celebrate Adam's birthday

Open House for the new lab

24 March 2009  Open House for the new lab

Publication: Symbiotic bacteria enable aphids to utilize plant phloem sap

7 March 2009  A budget analysis conducted by Eylem Gunduz and Angela demonstrates how symbiosis with microorganisms enables phloem-feeding aphids to escape from needing a balanced dietary supply of amino acids.