Xiangfeng Jing

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jing_XiangfengEmail: xj43 [at] cornell.edu

My research mainly focuses on exploring the novel molecular targets in controlling phloem-feeding insects based on two characters of phloem-feeding insect pests: 1) feeding on phloem sap which contains high concentrations of sugars; 2) obligate relationships between insect hosts and their symbiotic bacteria. NGS (Next generation sequencing) produces a huge amount of genomic information for phloem-feeding insects and this gives us a good opportunity to discover the key genes related to the above two characters. Using phylogenetic informed analysis as well as physiological function analysis, I am able to identify the candidate genes in controlling insect pests. Prior to this position, I conducted a PhD at Texas A&M University, supervised by Dr Spencer Behmer, on sterol nutrition of phytophagous insects… more

My CV is provided as a pdf: jings_cv_2014