Jia Hsin Huang

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: jh735 {at} cornell.edu

I am interested in understanding the nutritional interaction between Drosophila and its gut microbiota, including the molecular mechanisms and endocrinological regulation. The intestine cell types include the enterocytes for the nutritional digestion as well as the enteroendocrine cells for the synthesis of hormones. The most studies on the nutritional interaction between Drosophila and its gut microbiota focus on the enterocytes and intestinal stem cells. However, there is less notice on the enteroendocrine cells. Drosophila midgut has been demonstrated to produce several peptide hormones such as insulin-like peptides and the biogenic amines including dopamine. The arising question here is whether the hormone profiles in terms of quantity and quality are changed between conventional and axenic flies. The ultimate goal is to provide a better understanding in another perspective on the hormonal pathway how the commensal bacteria changing the physiological system in the Drosophila gut.

I completed both my BSc and PhD in the Department of Entomology at National Taiwan University. My PhD research, supervised by How-Jing Lee, investigated the role of hypertrehalosemic hormone on the blood sugar, reproduction, and anti-oxidative stress in the German cockroach Blattella germanica. During my PhD program, I also did one year work in Barcelona, supervised by Xavier Belles, to unveil the critical role of the broad-complex genes on the wing development during the metamorphosis of B. germanica.



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