Dimensions of Diversity Group Meeting

April 29th, 2014

Group meeting at New York State Agricultural Experimental Station Geneva (NY) of the NSF Dimensions of Diversity Research Group studying evolutionary pattern and ecological process shaping the gut microbiota of Drosophila species

The three research groups based at Rochester (John Jaenike, Vince Martinson), Geneva (Greg Loeb, Gabriele Brind ‘Amor, Stephen Hesler, Johanna Elsensohn) and Ithaca (Angela Douglas, Soeren Franzenburg and Alyssa Bost) met to discuss progress on the NSF research grant, including presentations on research conducted over the winter months and plans for summer field season.
Left to Right: (front) - Vince, Angela and John, and (back) Gabriele, Steve, Soeren, Greg, Alyssa and Johanna